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How Long Should Post Cycle Therapy Last?

After taking a course of anabolic steroids, you will be left in a situation where your natural testosterone production has been significantly reduced or has stopped entirely. You may find that your muscle mass begins to immediately diminish, your moods become erratic and depressive, and you feel generally unwell. This is because you haven’t embarked on what’s known as Post Cycle Therapy, which acts to cushion the negative side effects of steroid withdrawal.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on steroids for – you will always need to do some kind of PCT. Of course, the longer you use steroids for the longer you should engage in PCT. The same goes for the size of your stack – the larger the stack, the longer and more intense your PCT. But how long should PCT last for? We’ve got the answers.

The Drugs

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to take two of the most popular PCT drugs – Clomid and Nolvadex. Using these drugs together will help you to mitigate most of the negative effects of steroid withdrawal. How much you will need to take will depend entirely on the size of your on cycle stack, and how long a shelf life each steroid has. You should never start PCT when you have high levels of androgen, so it’s important to wait until these levels have dropped before you start PCT.

How Long Does it Last?

Post Cycle Therapy should begin on the first day after your last steroid dosage, so it’s important to make sure you’re on low androgen towards the end of your on cycle. PCT should run for at least 4 weeks, no matter how long you’ve been using steroids for. However, this time is entirely dependent on the length and size of your stack. If you’re in any doubt, visit your doctor for a blood workup to find out what’s going on with your hormone levels.

Going Back on Steroids

After PCT has ended you should ideally wait for at least the same amount of time as your on cycle and PCT time combined, before taking steroids again. This is because your body needs a chance to relax and recover before you start artificially altering your hormone levels once again. You may feel frustrated at your lack of gains during this time or, even worse, a decrease in muscle mass. But bear in mind that you will be unable to restore your physique to its full glory if you go too fast and wreck your body beyond all repair.

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