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Injectable steroids

The Side Effects of Injectable Steroids

Injectable anabolic steroids are extremely efficient for maximising your workout and improving your overall athletic performance. They’re the best choice for first time steroid users as they result in less negative side effects than their oral counterparts. However all steroids do carry with them some risks, which ever user should know about before they start their first cycle.

How do Steroids Work?

Steroids work because they increase testosterone levels in the body. They are man-made derivatives of natural testosterone, which is the male sex hormone. As a result of increasing testosterone in the body, the user will experience increased muscle size, strength, constitution and overall body mass. Because of these effects steroids have been used by athletes since they were first synthesized back in the 1950s.

The Effect of Steroids on Liver Function

The main side effect of using steroids is that it can have a negative impact on liver function. Oral steroids are much worse for the liver than injectable steroids, because they pass directly through the digestive system. Injectable steroids are administered into muscle, which helps to filter the chemical compound before it reaches the liver. Prolonged use will inevitably result in some liver damage, as will using increasingly higher doses of steroids. For these reasons it’s important that steroid users allow themselves periods of non-steroid use, known as ‘off cycles’. It’s also advised that steroid users take special care of their livers; abstaining from any activities that may cause additional damage to this vital organ.

Hormone Disruption

Because injectable steroids results in artificial increase of testosterone in the body, this can result in several hormone-related side effects. Men may experience reduced sperm production, testicular atrophy and hair thinning, as well as acne, breast development and mood fluctuations. Women generally tend to see opposite effects, including reduced breast size, an enlarged clitoris and a deeper voice.

Muscle Pulls and Tears

Because steroids encourage rapid muscle growth it’s not uncommon for athletes to experience muscle pulls or tears as a result of exercising in accordance with how they feel, but in excess of what their muscles are capable of. It’s important to therefore take it easy with your workout regime, especially in the first couple of weeks of using steroids.

Coming Off Steroids: Entering Post Cycle Therapy

Coming off steroids is a delicate process and can result in users feeling a range of negative side effects such as decreased muscle mass, mood swings and depression. The best way to handle this is to put a plan in place for your Post Cycle Therapy, before you finish taking your steroids. PCT will help you to manage various symptoms and will help you prepare in the event of your deciding to embark on another steroid cycle.

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