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100iu GENX-TROPIN (Somatropin) with 10ml Bac Water


GENX-TROPIN (Somatropin) is a form of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is important for the growth of bones and muscles. It helps to reduce excess body fat, especially around the abdominal area, and this is often the most profound effect of using replacement therapy.



HGH treatment is a treatment to increase the levels of human growth hormone. This therapy involves the injection of recombinant bio-synthetic growth hormone (Somatropin).

GENX-TROPIN for the athlete has the ability to promote recovery. This recovery is when progress is made and without it no progress is made. The more we can improve on the recovery process the greater our progress can be. This can make use alone and without other hormones very valuable. It takes months and months for these types of benefits to become truly beneficial.

Growth Hormone (GH) is important and having good levels of HGH can increase energy, help weight loss, build muscle, increase sexual drive, increase strength, and boost the immune system.

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