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This offers a discount of £32 when ordering as a ready-made planned out cycle.

This is my personal fav shredder that has never let me down when I'm looking to zap the body fat, don't take this if you are not going to dedicate yourself outside the gym and eat clean. This combined with clean living and regular weights and cardio will leave you amazed at your transformation.

  • Promastren 150 ISIS x 2 (2ml per week for 10 weeks)
  • Parabolon 100 ISIS x 1 (1ml per week for 10 weeks)
  • Anavar ISIS or ROHM x 1 (1-2 tabs per day starting week 1 to completion)
  • Thermolipid ROHM x 1 (this is down to the individual but consume daily from week 1 until completion)
  • PCT ROHM tabs x 1 (4 tabs per day for 30 days post cycle)

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by Eric Woodbridge

This cycle is melting the fat away! Great results but you must live clean to get best results