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This offers a saving of £40 when ordering this as a ready made cycle.
This stack is not for the Novice first time user this is for the dedicated hardcore training that knows what he is doing. Expect some serious gains on this cycle.
Test Heptylate ROHM x 2 (2ml per week for 10 weeks)
Tri Deca 300 ISIS x 2 (2ml per week)
Turinabol BD x 1 (2 tabs per day starting week 2 to week 9)
Tri Tren 150 ISIS x 1 (1ml per week every week split into 2 injections approx monday and thursdays)
Tamoxifen x 2 ( 1 tab per day from week 3 - 10)
PCT ROHM tabs x 1 (4 tabs per day for 30 days post cycle)

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