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10ml Vial of 200mg/ml


Name: Trenbolone Enanthate
Steroid Type: Injections
Manufacturer: Kenwoo Pharma

Trenbolone Enanthate combines a very popular parent hormone (trenbolone) with a long acting ester (enanthate). This allows the advantage of once a week injections.

This Trenbolone hormone is commonly classified as a veterinarian grade anabolic steroid. Trenbolone Acetate is the most popular Tren compound among performance athletes.

The youngest of the three common Tren forms and the only one that has never been used in what we would consider legitimate medicine.

For stacking, Trenbolone Enanthate stacks well with all anabolic steroids. It is not only versatile in the basis of periods of use but also anabolic steroid use.

In the off season, many will find a stack of Tren and testosterone to be very beneficial with the possible addition of Anadrol or Dianabol. Testosterone doses are often lower during the off-season period of use but not always.

Most people will find Trenbolone Enanthate to be satisfactorily effective within the 300mg to 500mg per week range. It's normally best taken in 2 even doses per week for the single total weekly dosage.

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