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Boldenone 300 is a long-acting injectable anabolic-androgen steroid. It exhibits a low level of aromatization and hepatotoxicity.

Boldenone (Boldenone Undecylenate) is not a rapid mass builder, it provide slow but steady gains in strength a muscles. Better effects are seen when this steroidis taken for long cycles, usually 10 weeks in length. It increases protein synthesis in the muscle cells. It gives slower but higher quality gains in muscles, more quality than taking steroid based on Testosterone.

Boldenone (Equipoise) anabolic properties is 100% of testosterone, but androgenic properties only 50%. It can be used in low doses by female athletes due to its low risk of virilization. The avantage of this steroid is that the size of the muscles gained during the cycle can be retained after the drug is discontinued.

Boldenone (EQ) has half-life up to 15 days. It is popular among powerlifters and bodybuilders for its ability to significantly increase appetite, to enhance oxygen transportation, to improve muscles visualization and vascularity.

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