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Testosterone cypionate U.S.P. 250mg (Test C) is a hormone produced by all human beings and is the primary male sex hormone. It has the ability to increase red blood cell production and a higher red blood cell count will improve endurance through increased oxygenation in the blood. So, more red blood cells can also improve recovery from strenuous physical activity. Its anabolic androgenic effects are dose dependent, thus the higher the dose the higher the muscle building effect.

Testosterone is the primary androgen found in the body. Endogenous testosterone is synthesized by cells in the testis, ovary and adrenal cortex. It is used therapeutically in the management of hypogonadism, either congenital or acquired. It is also the most effective exogenous androgen for the palliative treatment of carcinoma of the breast in postmenopausal women.

It is administered parenterally in regular and delayed-release (depot) dosage forms. Generally, endogenous androgens stimulate RNA polymerase, resulting in an increased protein production. These proteins are responsible for normal male sexual development, including the growth and maturation of the prostate, seminal vesicle, penis and scrotum. During puberty, androgens cause a sudden increase in growth and development of muscle, with redistribution of body fat.

Responsible for changes in shape and size it can also change the appearance and the number of muscle fibres. Androgens like testosterone can protect your hard-earned muscle from the catabolic (muscle wasting) glucocorticoid hormones, in turn inhibiting the related adverse reactions.

Many bodybuilders and athletes display massive strength gains while using Testosterone Cypionate as the hormone improves muscle contraction by increasing the number of motor neutrons in muscle and improves neuromuscular transmission. It also promotes glycogen synthesis providing more fuel for intense workouts thereby increasing endurance and strength.

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