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Are steroids safe ?

In our opinion we think anabolic steroids are safe but only if you know what your doing with them and have researched the compounds and correct dosages. Obviously if you take huge amounts of juice and are taking other medication and are having chest pains we advice you to stop. Health is more important than any cycle or ambition.

Do you have minimum order limits?

No we do not and we appreciate first time buyers like to do this as a tester to see if we can produce the goods we advertise or actually ship anything at all. We know all about the horror stories and people who send there hard earned dollars to people and don't get anything in return. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOU HERE I CAN STAKE MY LIFE ON THAT.

Will I get what I have ordered?

We will send you the exact order you submit unless there is some unforeseen circumstances. I'll give you an example customers have ordered for instance PCT ROHM tabs the all of a sudden there where no PCT available anywhere because ROHM could not source the Rawls to make this material for a few weeks. We just simply contact the customers affected by this and give them the chance to receive a refund or we offer them a on-par alternative. So the moral of this story is make sure you enter valid email or phone number as we could attempt to contact in a situation like that to get your instruction.

Do I have to have prescription to order with you?

You do not need to have a prescription to order any product that you see in our product catalogue, you just need to be a consenting responsible adult who understands that he/she is buy steroids and wants them sent to him/her ASAP.

Your products are cheaper than other websites are they real?

The reason is we deal directly with many of the manufacturers first hand and have good rapports with them, also another contributing factor is we have a lot of clients who order a lot hence when we buy in such bulk we pass that saving onto you. On the flip side of that if a products price goes up that is not determined by us that is because some manufacturers or organizations producing these compounds have regular price reviews due to sourcing the raw materials to manufacture anabolic steroids.

I'm in the USA can I order off you and will it get to me?

USA and Canada are no problem or us and we ship there regularly but the customer must understand that we do so once payment has been received and that they order with us at there own risk. I think in the years shipping there we have lost less than 5 packages and once the customer produced a customs seizure notice and we had it verified we came to agreement with them about the order and re-shipped. We are here to grow a business and if that means us not making a profit on a re-ship we will happily oblige but if we receive suspected counterfeit seizure notice and we verify its fake we will simply ban the customer and all corresponding emails so be warned be real and genuine with us and we will help you in everyday, trying and scam us and we will erase you.

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