Will Leaving my Phone at Home Help me Gain at the Gym?

Where would we be without our smartphones? Quite simply, most of us would be lost. Yet, there’s a time and place to use your phone, and if you want to reap the rewards of your workout, a gym isn’t one of them.

When your smartphone is normally glued to your side, it can seem like a difficult proposition to leave it at home when you go to the gym, but the only time you should really bring your phone along is if you want to listen to music. Even then, get your playlist organised in advance to reduce the amount of time faffing about with menus and downloads.

Smartphones are a distraction at the best of times, but when you’re pounding the treadmill or sweating it out in an exercise class, you’ll get maximum benefits from your session if you fully focus on the task in hand. How will you be able to remember how many reps you’ve achieved if your mind is taken up with texting?

If you’re sending texts and exercising at the time same, research has proven that your workout intensity will dramatically decrease. With less input, you won’t make as many gains. Studies have concluded that if you text during a 20-minute workout, you’ll end up doing low intensity exercise for half of that time. Leave your phone at home, however, and the low intensity period will drop to just three minutes.

Crucially, exercising is about switching your mind off and stepping into the mindfulness zone, to focus on the here and now. This can revitalise your mind and reduce stress levels. With your phone in tow, this isn’t going to happen. Thanks to our phones, most of us are on alert mode 24/7, yet going to the gym could be the only time we get away from them for a while – and everyone needs some mental ‘time out’.

Using your phone during gym sessions is also pretty inconsiderate to other users. Since it will slow down your workouts, often resulting in longer rest periods, other gym users waiting to use the equipment that you’re hogging won’t be too impressed. If you use your phone during group training sessions or classes, it’s also inconsiderate to the other attendees and the trainer/teacher.

Most importantly, hitting the gym and hitting the text buttons on your phone simultaneously isn’t going to do your health any favours. In fact, because you’re not concentrating fully on what you’re doing, you risk injuring yourself or those around you. Research has shown that texting during exercise reduces balance and stability by 45%, which could cause you to fall off equipment and hurt yourself.

With a phone in one hand, you aren’t going to achieve the best body position for exercising, which could lead to poor posture and strains in your neck and upper back muscles.

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