Why get a Fitness Tracker?

The popularity of fitness trackers has exploded in recent years, with around 20% of Brits now owning one. With their myriad of functions that monitor and promote good health, it’s no wonder these devices are currently taking the world by storm. Here’s why you might want to consider getting a fitness tracker yourself.

Fitness Tracker

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Increase your activity awareness

Most of us probably don’t have a clue how much physical activity we get each day, in terms of aspects such as number of steps taken or calories burned. This is where a fitness tracker comes in to help. It provides accurate and unbiased information about your activity levels so that you can make changes if necessary.


Get active

If you’re looking to get fit, you’re more like to succeed with the help of a fitness tracker than without one. In fact, one study found that wearing a fitness tracker increased the physical activity of participants by 38 minutes per week.


Calorie tracking

The new breed of fitness trackers do much more than tell you how many steps you’ve taken. They can also calculate how many calories you’ve consumed each day. By simply inputting what you’ve eaten and when, a tracker can work out your remaining calorie allowance for the rest of the day. This is a great feature for getting to know just how many calories different food or drink items contain, and it can encourage users to make healthier decisions based on this information.


Monitor your heart rate

There are several different types of fitness trackers on the market, and some have the capability to monitor your heart rate, both at rest and during physical activity. This can provide general clues about your overall cardiovascular health. In some cases, fitness trackers have even alerted users to undiagnosed heart problems.


Sleep quality

It’s not just how active you are in the day that fitness trackers monitor; they can also assess the quality of your sleep by analysing how many hours you slept and whether you experienced deep or light slumber. This information can help you to make changes to your sleep patterns, to improve your general health.


Track progress

Some fitness trackers let you monitor your progress over time, whether that be goals for losing weight or increasing activity levels. By tracking your progress and gaining tips from the device, you can easily stay motivated to achieve your fitness aims. You can also share your progress with others and online.


Form new habits

Many of us aren’t always aware of habits we have that may contribute towards an unhealthy lifestyle, including aspects such as spending too much time sat down. A fitness tracker can alert you to any bad habits, encouraging you to make changes for the better.


Fitness suggestions

It’s not always easy knowing how to get fit and stay active, but a fitness tracker can provide you with useful insights that help with these tasks. A fitness tracker can offer you relevant suggestions that keep you motivated to achieve your targets. Some brands can even provide handy exercise tips, taking the role of a personal trainer, without the expense involved!


Wide choice

There are lots of different types and styles of fitness trackers to choose from, to suit every budget. So, whether you want a simple device that counts your steps or one that monitors various aspects of your health, there’s a tracker for everyone.


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