Warm-Up Exercises before Hitting the 3 Main Lifts

Static stretching is a big no-no when warming up your body before any kind of lifting exercise – it relaxes your muscles instead of priming them for hard work at the gym.

On the other hand, mobility exercises and dynamic stretching is where it’s at! These warm-up exercises will get you all fired up before you go under or over that bar!

Warm-Up Infographic

Why You Need to Warm-Up

Stimulates the Joints

Efficient warm-up sessions produce more synovial fluid in body tissue and joints. The more it lubricates the joints, the less friction you will experience in the joint spaces – resulting in smoother, more convincing transitions.

Increased Core Temperature

An increased rate in body activity requires an increased core temperature to keep things on track.

Neuromuscular Arousal

Priming your body via an increased volume of any specific exercise training will help the Central Nervous System to control muscles during the execution of multi-limb movements.

Top 3 Warm Up Exercises

Bench Press Warm-Up

As most of you will know, the shoulder muscles and the upper back are the key to an efficient bench press. The following warm-ups should be performed in 2-3 sets of 12 reps:

  • Shoulder rotation
  • Light lateral pulls
  • 1-2 warm-up sets of empty or light load bar bench press

Squat Warm-Up

The squats involve mainly the shoulders, hips and knees. Make sure your warm-up includes ALL these important body parts to enjoy the full Range-Of-Motion. The flexibility and mobility warm-ups will help you with the perfect squat form and execution:

  • Lying dumbbell shoulder rotation
  • Shoulder breaker
  • Alternating cross-body high-knee raise
  • Bodyweight squats

Deadlift Warm-Up

Prepare for mobility around the hips to loosen up the gluteal and adductor muscle groups that are vital to the deadlifts. These warm-up exercises are specifically designed for the job:

  • Downward dog
  • Upward dog
  • Inchworm
  • Side lunge
  • Up and over the fence
  • Single leg touches

Warm-ups may take time but they truly pay dividends in your quest for those much-coveted gains – so, never ever go cold in the most hard-hitting bodybuilding exercises again! Buy the right steroids from Worldwide Anabolics and combine them with the perfect warm-up exercises to reap the most amazing results!

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