Things you need to know about Dianabol


A well-defined physique and a muscular body that is incomparable – the things that bodybuilders’ dreams are made of – Dianabol steroids deliver these results.

With quick and effective results, Dianabol still remains the most popular steroid even after the emergence of other products. It significantly increases muscle mass for just a short span of time and helps bodybuilders to gain more strength for their workouts. For those who have just started their Dianabol cycle, read on to learn more about this wonder product.


First developed in the 1950s, the name Dianabol was derived from the generic name of Methandrostenolone by Ciba, a chemical and pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. The product is known to have a strong anabolic testosterone derivative that is highly respected for its muscle gain and strength boosting benefits within a short time.


To obtain the maximum results, it is best to eat 5000 calories per day in order to “bulk up.” Dianabol will help to improve the body’s ability to retain the nitrogen that your cells need to produce protein and muscle mass. If taken with sufficient calories and in conjunction with an intense workout, you can expect to see these results:

  • Increased strength
  • High production of muscle mass
  • Improved stamina
  • Faster muscle recovery

A Dianabol user will notice these results within just a few weeks. Dianabol pills are great for body builders that are looking to “bulk up” quickly, as it speeds up the muscle recovery and development process. Many athletes buy anabolic steroids for quick and effective results and to improve their endurance for a much better performance.


With a short half-life of round about 3-5 hours, Dianabol must be taken more than once a day in a 25 to 30 mg dose to achieve a stable blood level. Splitting the dose throughout the day will also have the desired results. Other users prefer higher doses that are around 40 to 60 mg depending on their personal preferences and goals.

The consumption of this steroid will normally last for a 4 to 6 week period. Taking it over a longer period will require further precautions as it may have potential side effects, although such cases are rare.


Dianabol pills stack well with Oxandrolone, Deca Durabolin, Andarine and other injectable steroids – this practice is very common for bodybuilders who want to achieve even more significant results.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects are not as harsh as one might think. A 20 to 25 mg daily intake may have effects including the growth of body hair, acne and oily skin. In rare cases, Dianabol may also increase the chances of male balding. However, scientific reports show that it is not that severe.

To predict the precise outcome is impossible but Dianabol is a reliably good bodybuilding aid. Always remember that it should be consumed in the correct dose, along with a proper diet and accurate workout habits.

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