The World’s Oldest Bodybuilder

When most people get older, they start slowing down a little. Yet, this isn’t the case for great-grandfather Jim Arrington. This sprightly 85-year-old has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he’s bagged himself the Guinness World Records 2018 title as the oldest bodybuilder in the world.

Jim Arrington

Born in Venice, California, in 1932, bodybuilding didn’t come naturally to Jim. He was a sickly child who suffered from asthma. Running just 15 yards would make him wheeze. With his wiry physique, Jim was bestowed with the nickname Skinny Bones.

At the age of 13, Jim came across a book of bodybuilders. Seeing these images ignited his desire to get fit. He bought a book of exercises for 25 cents, initially with the idea that getting fit might gain him some attention from the ladies! At the start of his bodybuilding career, Jim weighed just 115 pounds. This increased to 150 by the time he went to college. Now, he weighs in at 160 pounds of pure muscle and no fat.

Although father-of-three Jim has been bodybuilding for an impressive seven decades, his job was in sales and purchasing. However, he quit his job in his early 60s as his bosses thought younger guys made a better impression. Unperturbed by being forced into retirement, Jim devoted more time to bodybuilding.

Jim has competed in an impressive 62 competitions, of which he has won 16 of them. As a late competitor to bodybuilding, he only started entering contests from the age of 45. In his first competition, he earned the top title for Most Muscular and bagged second place overall in the Mr America competition.

In 2016, Jim was awarded winner of the International Federation of Body Builder Pittsburgh Pro Masters Championships in the age 70+ category.

Although Jim still actively competes to this day, as he’s got older, he’s noticed that there are fewer rivals of a similar age to go up against.

When it comes to working out, Jim opts for hourly, full-body sessions, two-to-three times per week. He alters his routines regularly to accommodate his changing goals and to ensure his body remains challenged.

As his years advance, Jim has been pulling back slightly on weight size and intensity, but his passion to keep fit hasn’t wavered over the last 70 years. Despite suffering an injury that meant Jim needed a new hip, he was back working out just two weeks after the operation.

To achieve his fitness goals, Jim fuels up on high protein foods, with moderate amounts of carbohydrates and fat. He believes that the body adapts over time, so he keeps giving it fresh challenges and sets new goals. Since Jim isn’t naturally athletic, he has had to work incredibly hard to build a muscular physique over the years.

When Jim isn’t flexing his muscles down on the famous Muscle Beach in Venice, he enjoys spending time with his family, doing DIY, listening to classical music and travelling.

Jim is living proof that age is no barrier to getting fit. If you’d like to hone your physique, Worldwide Anabolics offers a wide range of high-quality steroid solutions that may be able to assist you.

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