The Push-Pull Approach to Success

push-pull pose

Bodybuilders of different levels may be used to the common ‘bro-splits’ (e.g. the usual Monday – chest/triceps, Tuesday – back/biceps and so on). This passed down exercise regimen knowledge may bring about muscle and strength gains but it will be so much MORE effective when you upgrade it to the push-pull split approach.

Time to turn your stale routine into a fresh and solid, results driven power surge… so drop that dumbbell and read on!

What is the Push-Pull Approach?

The push-pull approach is simply training the muscles dedicated to pushing for one session and then training the pulling muscles in another. There are at least three benefits you can achieve from this type of programme:

Muscles do not get ‘Overstressed’

Overtraining, lack of recovery and unwanted body injuries can be a problem when you don’t take the necessary rest – especially if your programme seems to distribute different body parts all over the place. Aside from muscle stress, you are only confusing your body.

Push-pull solves this problem by grouping all the muscles together in one function per day. For instance, you will perform the pulling exercises on one day for the back, biceps, traps and hamstrings; then you will concentrate on the pushing exercises the next day such as chest, triceps, quads and laterals.

This kind of training lets muscle groups take a complete rest before going at it again the day after.

Train more often, become Leaner/Bigger

Distributing your body part functions well throughout the week will enable you to work out more often because you are allowing other muscles to rest for that day. By splitting total body workouts, you can hit the gym more often.

It’s also fair to say that you will increase your overall fitness when you train often. Your muscles are forced to adjust to your daily routine thus, they will grow bigger. Frequent workout sessions also mean more calories burned for a leaner looking physique!

Create your own Routine

The push-pull approach will allow you to modify your own routine in line with your fitness goals, ability levels and physiology. Strictly incorporate all pushing and pulling movements separately to train different muscle groups and to avoid overlaps in your routine.

The push-pull approach works well with other beneficial training plans and more so, with the most effective steroids! For fast, safe and reliable results, buy your steroids online at Worldwide Anabolics.

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