The Importance of Cooling Down after Every Workout

Cooling down after every workout is just as important as warming up – as it helps your body to adjust to the resting phase.

Why do I need to cool down?

When you cool down, your breathing returns to normal – reducing the strain on your heart and making it beat normally. Cooling down after every set of exercises in your workout routine will also help to prepare your body for the next activity.

What is a proper cool down?

A proper cool down usually takes about 5-10 minutes and consists of stretches and non-strenuous exercises. Walking and breathing exercises count as a cool down, too.

When do I cool down?

After a simple jog, a series of workout exercises or any other physical activity, you must cool down RIGHT AWAY. Don’t just stop and rest, as this is a very critical post-workout phase.

What happens after a cool down?

After the proper cool down routine, your body returns to it regular state. Your heart and blood circulation goes back to its normal rate and your nervous system goes from sympathetic to parasympathetic – meaning your blood pressure drops, your blood vessels relax and dilate, blood flows to your abdomen and your heart rate slows.

Helpful Exercises

By using the right approach, this can help to prevent post exercise muscle soreness. Here are some of the most common cooling down exercises:

Most people experience muscle soreness after having a lay-off from exercise or when beginning a regular workout session after not being active for a long time. This can be caused by:

  • Micro Tears – this usually happens when you are doing a strenuous workout (e.g. lifting or over-stretching) which causes ‘small tears’ in the tissues.
  • Blood Pooling – this occurs when the force that pushes the blood back to the heart stops all of a sudden, causing your muscles to swell.

Dos and Don’ts after Every Workout

Keep in mind the following reminders for a safe cooling down process:


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wait for your body temperature to cool down
  • Breathing exercises after cool down exercises


  • Lounge or slouch
  • Lift too much
  • Push yourself too much
  • Take a shower after the workout

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