The Exercise Frequency Series: Squat More to Gain More!

Frequency Series: Squat More!

Targeting and hitting ALL of the large and small muscle groups in a one week workout plan is the conventional and ideal standard amongst non-Olympic lifting circles. Experts would even recommend frequently hitting the large muscle groups with the best compound exercises like bench presses, deadlifts and squats.

The Purpose and Benefits of Frequent Squats

  • Dramatically increase quad strength to support other lifts like deadlifts, etc.
  • Achieve bigger quads.
  • Help minimise pain and joint soreness in the knees with a well thought out plan and execution.

Here are some things to remember before you try this approach out for yourself!

Advantages of Three to Four Squat Sessions a Week

  • The squat exercise is without question a top ranking whole-body exercise that improves strength, power, athletic performance and general physique.
  • The legs adapt to repeated heavy loads that they are exposed to – the more you train, the better they will grow. Naturally, you would be advised to eat on a par with the energy you exert – so eat big to get big.
  • The ‘Big Three’ in bodybuilding exercises (bench presses, deadlifts and squats) produce the most powerful endogenous or muscle promoting hormones – the increased growth hormones or IGF, testosterone and others. This is because these exercises recruit more muscle groups in the movements, thus requiring or forcing the body to support them with the necessary hormones.
  • By improving cardiovascular health by raising your heart rate during exercise, this translates to better conditioning of the body.
  • Squats also help to correct or cure many postural defects and imbalances as a result of daily sedentary activities at work or home.

Disadvantages of Too Many Squats

  • Squats are not an easy exercise to perform or execute and when you do it over and over – when you are not on form, jump right in misinformed or know little about the basics and carry on regardless – then you will end up injured for sure.
  • If not carefully structured or planned, you may experience central nervous system (or CNS) fatigue – this will affect your exercise performance and muscle function.

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