The Complete Guide to a Proper Deadlift

Are you one of the many bodybuilders out there who has yet to attempt the deadlift? Afraid that it may break your back… or are you simply unsure how to perform the lift?

It’s time to bring some size and density to your BACK and hams with the king of all exercises – the DEADLIFT!

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Protective gear will do wonders for your deadlift. Aside from protecting you from injuries, it will even help you to improve your lift!

Footwear (or Barefoot)

Choosing the right footwear that has a hard and flat sole will keep you rooted to the ground, providing a greater energy transfer for the deadlift.

When going barefoot, there is no cushion or sole hindering you from exploding that heavy load off the floor!


A weightlifting belt gives your abdominal wall something to brace against and helps keep spine neutrality throughout the movement.

Socks, Shin Guards or Leg Sleeves

A proper deadlift means keeping the bar as close to the body as possible; so, wearing long socks, shin guards or leg sleeves will protect your shins.

Straps and Chalk

Wear straps if your purpose for the deadlift is just overall muscle hypertrophy. Use chalk if you are looking to compete, as this will give you a better grip.

Proper Setup

  • Position yourself as though you are going for a high standing vertical leap jump
  • Place your hands just outside your shins
  • Take a deep breath and brace your abdominal wall against the weightlifting belt
  • Engage your lats and tighten your hamstrings


The Lift

Imagine bending the bar towards you to engage your lats automatically. As for your legs and hips contribution to the movement, press the ground beneath you and think about squeezing your glutes forward and driving your hips forward. The deadlift is not really about lifting the bar with your upper body!

Lock Out and Lower

At the top of the movement, stand tall and do not hyperextend your lower back. To lower the bar, unlock your glutes and drive your hips back. Let it lower to a controlled fall.

Just like squats, the deadlift is often avoided on the road to muscular success. Remember that it is a high- risk ‘skill’ to pull off… but is really rewarding! Buy steroids from Worldwide Anabolics and become the king of the deadlift in your gym!

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