Pros and Cons of Using Weightlifting Belts

An essential piece of equipment in gyms and fitness centres, weightlifting belts continue to rise in popularity within Cross Fit circles – protecting the spine from injury.

Wearing a weightlifting belt has its advantages and disadvantages and it’s extremely important to understand how it works if you are to make full use of the benefits.

Pros and Cons of Weightlifting Belts - Worldwide Anabolics


  • Prevents the spine from breaking

Since a weightlifting belt is wrapped firmly around the lower back, it helps to prevent the spine from collapsing as you perform heavy lifting exercises

  • Gives assistance to the lower back

Weightlifting belts make lifting great loads much easier to handle

  • Increases intra-abdominal pressure

With the aid of a weightlifting belt, your stomach has something to push against


  • Too narrow and rigid

The belt can be too narrow and rigid to provide adequate spinal support during normal weight training sessions 

  • Necessary for certain types of exercises

Weightlifting belts are only applicable for powerlifting activities and deadlifts – they are not ideal for common weightlifting exercises 

  • Can weaken the muscles

If the lower back continues to rely on the weight belt during a lift, it will be less able to handle loads once the belt is taken off

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