Keeping to your New Year’s Resolution

Most of us have made New Year’s resolutions, but few of us stick to them. Often, our goals for the year fall by the wayside before January is even out. Why are these New Year aims so hard to fulfil, and how can they last the distance?

It’s no surprise to discover that the top New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, often coupled with taking out a gym membership. If you want to get in shape this year, here are some tips to keep this resolution on track.

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Set your goals

Telling yourself you want to lose weight is simply not specific enough. If you want to fulfil this desire, you need to identify exactly how much weight you want to lose and keep a regular track of your progress.


Schedule your exercise regime

Think about how you intend to lose weight. Again, be as specific as possible. Keep a diary and schedule in exercise days. If plans are written down, you’re more likely to actually do them. Be realistic with your aims, however. Deciding to exercise every day of the week might seem like a quick method to shed the pounds, but if you’ve already got a hectic schedule, can you realistically fit this in? It’s better to start out with small, manageable exercise sessions rather than exhaustive ones that quickly lead to burnout. Get into a regular exercise routine to help stick at your sessions.


Get family and friends on board

If you want to lose weight, you’ll find this easier to achieve if you get support from friends and family. They might even want to join you in your endeavours, in which case, having someone to exercise with can serve as a great motivational booster. Getting support from family can be especially important if you want to make dietary changes and adopt healthier eating habits, as it means you can be committed to making changes together.


Enjoy exercising

Many people fail to lose weight in the New Year because they begin exercise regimes that they don’t actually enjoy. The beauty of exercising is that there are so many different activities to choose from, to suit every taste and budget. Even if you’ve decided to join the gym, remember that gyms can vary significantly, too, so check a few out first to decide which one you prefer.


Vary your routine

If your weight loss efforts begin to plateau, you might lose motivation to carry on. However, all that you might need to do is vary your exercise routine so you are either increasing or altering the activity or intensity, or working other muscle groups.


Kick unhealthy eating habits

Even if you’ve got your exercise regime sorted, you might not shed weight if your diet is under par. Take a close look at the kinds of foods you eat and identify any culprits that could be contributing to your weight gain. Alcohol, in particular, can pile on the pounds without you realising it, so cutting back could make a big difference to your waistline.

With perseverance and a little wisdom, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve your weight loss resolutions this year. For further assistance, Worldwide Anabolics can help to get your body goals on track, with their range of premium-quality products.

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