How to Bench Press like a Champ

It may sound like a cringe-worthy cliché but this time of year is the perfect time to kick-start your bodybuilding efforts – starting with the bench press. Known for being a chest exercise, it actually involves the triceps, back, shoulders and glutes too!

So, whether your goal is chest aesthetics or if you are looking for a full-body muscle development program, the following guidelines will help you to achieve that body beautiful!


For your own safety, don’t lie on that bench until you have the proper equipment – to assure a trouble-free bench press experience!

Wrist Wraps

Keeping your wrists wrapped and vertical allows you to move the most weight and exert the maximum amount of force. It will also help to maintain your wrists in a straight line, which is vital to the bench press.


Wear whatever makes you feel connected to the ground as much as possible, as this will allow a better energy transfer; comfortable footwear also gives you a more stable base footing.


This may not strictly be necessary but putting chalk on your shoulders and across your upper back can help to stop you from sliding up or down the bench.

The Setup

Foot Placement

Plant your feet firmly on the ground to generate a force from the ground up through your entire body. Setting your feet right also promotes good leg drive when completing the last rep.

Back Position

Push your upper back into the bench where it is easy to un-rack the bar – don’t go so far under that you hit the pegs on the upper half of the execution. Imagine putting a grape between your shoulder blades and squeezing it – this serves as your starting position.

Back Arch

Keep a slight arch in the lower back to maintain spine neutrality – this will tighten and protect your back during the press.


Grip the bar as far down your palm as possible and never let it slide to your fingers. Place your pinkie fingers inside the barbell rings and always wrap your thumbs around to ensure safety.


Take a deep breath and hold it in to brace your abdominal wall. Keep holding your breath until you get past the end of the press, then breathe out.


Bend the bar into a U-shape. Bending it correctly should tuck your elbows in naturally, while engaging your lats and protecting your shoulders. Upon lowering the bar, your forearms should be at 90 degrees from the ground.

Once the bar touches under your chest; tighten up your glutes, drive your legs into the ground and push the bar as if throwing it away from your body.

Important Reminders

  • Do not bounce the bar off your chest
  • Breathe in and brace your abs properly
  • Do not flare your elbows
  • Do not roll your shoulders forward at the top of the movement
  • Always keep your body tight and your shoulder blades pinched together

Separate yourself from the resolutioners at the beginning of the year and do the bench press right! Buy your anabolic steroids only from Worldwide Anabolics and use them to build a bigger chest. You’ll blow the competition out of the water!

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