Go Full HD Shreds with These 7 Tips

With the help of anabolic steroids, getting shredded has never been easier.  Helping you to build solid, protruding muscles and torching the fat at the same time – it’s as if you can bulk and cut with ease! For ‘high-definition shreds’ and fast, simply follow these tips:

Go Full HD Shreds with These 7 Tips

Tip #1: Don’t Cut Calories

Remember that you need calories for energy when you train. Since you are on gear, you are already one step ahead of the cutting and shredding game, so no need to be overly conscious about your calorie intake. Don’t be too hypo-caloric and stick to your sustainable caloric maintenance.

Tip #2: Make Cardio Great Again

If your idea of cardio is idling on the treadmill for hours and expecting to burn fat effectively, it is time to change the way you think.

Apply HIIT cardio. Run with all you’ve got for 30 seconds or so, then rest-walk until you feel you can go hyper-drive again. Repeat until you reach a 15-30-minute cardio session.

Tip #3: Steroids Are Not the Only Thing You ‘Cycle’

There is also this thing called carb cycling. It means eating sufficient carbs during lifting and training days and then keeping your carb intake to a minimum during rest days. Remember that carbs help to retain muscle volume and they also give you energy to train like hell in the gym!

Tip #4: Getting Shredded Takes Time

Be realistic in your expectations – that physical transformation you desire will not happen overnight. Just look at how competitive bodybuilders prep themselves. It takes at least three months before they step on stage. A three-month timeframe is also the most optimal to lose body fat and retain muscle before becoming competition-ready.

Tip #5: Balance the ‘T’

Do not go overboard on upping your testosterone intake. The dose should be just enough to stay anabolic and not too much that it makes you look unattractively bloated. Just follow the right dose of T’s and your cuts will show just fine!

Tip #6: Down the Ante?

Seeing those cuts and shreds develop day by day will surely get you excited and further hyped to train more. Hold your horses brother; it might cause you more harm than good!

Once you start hitting that single digit body fat percentage, calm down a little and ease down on the number of reps – it will help you to look more solid.

Tip #7: Get Some Z’s and Rest Well

The importance of getting enough sleep and resting comfortably after a day’s work at the office (and in the gym) must never be overlooked. Eat enough healthy carbs and protein at night to prevent hunger pangs during sleeping hours.

Optimal fat loss occurs during sleep so make sure you get undisturbed rest!

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