Fly a kite to enjoy many health benefits

Embrace windy days and launch a kite into the air. You don’t need to be a child to enjoy flying a kite, and experts even reckon that this simple, pleasurable activity is also good news for our health.

flying a kite

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Good exercise

Far from being a sedentary activity, flying a kite can get your heart rate going, especially if you run with the kite to help propel it into the air. The movements you make with your hands in controlling the kite also exercise your arms as you try to keep the kite steady against the wind. Most people who fly a kite may then go on to do other good-for-your-health activities while they’re outdoors, such as taking a stroll along a beach.


Keeps neck and back muscles in check

Many people sit at a computer all day and are prone to keeping their head downwards as they look at a screen or paperwork. This can put a strain on the neck muscles. Flying a kite forces your neck to turn upwards, instead, which helps to counteract the prevalence of looking down. This opens up unused muscles and even helps to maintain the cervical spine, reducing tension in the back, encouraging flexibility and lowering the risk of cervical disease.


Promotes eye health

Researchers argue that looking at the sky when flying a kite can help to regulate nerves and muscles in the eyes. This reduces the risk of tiredness in the eyes and may even lower the risk of myopia, or shortsightedness.


Enjoying nature

In order to get the most benefits from kite flying, you need to go to an exposed area, such as a beach or hilltop. Being surrounded by nature is soothing for the soul, and not only is a great stress and tension reliever but has been proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.



Health experts extol the virtues of mindfulness for keeping us in the moment and preventing feelings of stress from building up. Flying a kite is a great opportunity to practice mindfulness, as you need to fully concentrate on the movements you make to keep the kite up in the air, whilst adapting to any sudden wind changes. Mindfulness is also an effective remedy for managing pain – and so kite flying could prove a welcome distraction for those suffering from aches and discomfort.


Sociable experience

Flying a kite is an activity that you do by yourself, but is also fun as part of a group. Certainly, if you’re looking for something that the whole family can enjoy doing together, kite flying makes for a highly sociable experience. The beauty of flying a kite is that it is a totally inclusive activity, so no matter what your age, current physical abilities or size, everyone can get involved.


Creative, self-expression

Flying a kite can let you unleash your creative side, especially if you make the kite yourself. But how you fly the kite and the way you move it up in the air also puts the creative part of your brain into top gear. For many people, flying a kite can be an exhilarating form of self-expression, and may have benefits for those who struggle to express themselves in traditional ways.

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