Facts you didn’t know about bodybuilding

Many people often have a stereotypical image of bodybuilders in their mind, perceiving them to be highly confident, hard working individuals who live for the gym. In fact, bodybuilders come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t always how you imagine them to be. Here are some facts you might not have known about bodybuilding.

Bodybuilders aren’t always confident

With a highly defined muscle tone, it’s easy to assume bodybuilders are happy and confident with their image, but this isn’t always the case. Just because they’re big and muscly, doesn’t mean to say bodybuilders don’t suffer from feelings of insecurity or low confidence from time to time.

Bodybuilders spend most of their spare cash on training

Bodybuilding requires commitment, both in time and a financial capacity. Research has shown that 69% of a bodybuilder’s spare cash goes towards training expenses, such as gym membership, supplements, drugs, nutrition and gym clothing.

Over a third of bodybuilders shun training legs

According to research, 37% of bodybuilders admit to skipping leg training, such as heavy sets in a squat, a hard leg press or dumbbell lunges. The trouble is, not training certain muscle groups properly won’t do anyone any favours in the long run.

Bench press max statistics aren’t always believable

As well as telling porkies about training legs, statistics reveal that bodybuilders typically add 20% on to their bench press max when asked by others. It’s a common and widely accepted occurrence in bodybuilding circles, perhaps as a way to impress others.

Anyone can benefit from bodybuilding

Bodybuilding isn’t always about extreme training routines and strict eating regimes, and not every bodybuilder is pumping iron every minute of the day in the quest for the perfect muscular physique. If you strip bodybuilding back to its core, it’s essentially much simpler than you’d imagined, and highly accessible for anyone. By learning the basic exercises, such as squats, lifts and press-ups, with a little cardio training and a healthy diet, you, too, can start to define your muscles and reduce body fat.

Monday is good for training

Studies have shown that if you hit the gym on a Monday, this is one of the most profitable days of the week for training, especially if you want to focus on building muscle in your chest. This isn’t just an excuse to skip work on Monday and head to the gym instead, but is based on scientific research which claims that after a weekend of rest, the body is more energised and better able to cope with a tough workout session.

Many steroid users won’t admit to using them

Steroids are commonly used to help build muscle mass and are readily available to purchase, yet for some reason, more than three-out-of-four steroid users won’t admit to taking them. Although there are many authentic suppliers around, perhaps there’s still a stigma that prevails surrounding their use.

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