Enjoy your Protein Eggnog this Christmas

Think of a drink that best typifies Christmas and eggnog is likely to spring to mind. This traditional beverage has been enjoyed over the festive season in Britain since the 1700s, although its history dates back as far as medieval times.


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Eggnog ingredients

There are lots of variations of the eggnog recipe (George Washington even famously developed his own recipe), but essentially it includes egg yolk, sugar, whole milk, cream, nutmeg and a brown spirit, typically rum, bourbon or cognac. Some recipes make use of the whites of the egg, and the addition of other spices, including vanilla or cinnamon.

While you can buy pre-made versions of eggnog from the supermarket, it’s more fun to make the drink yourself. That way, you can experiment with the ingredients to get the taste that pleases you the most. You can either eat the eggs raw or cook them gently beforehand.

Eggnog can be a fairly rich and indulgent beverage, so if you’re trying to keep the fat off, consider it as a treat only, or use healthy ingredients. The inclusion of eggs makes this drink high in protein, so for those working out, it’s a fantastic way to get your protein levels up, either before or after an exercise session. Here are some recipes to try.


Easy recipe

For those short on time, this super easy eggnog recipe makes the perfect post-workout protein shake over the festive season. It omits the eggs and alcohol so can be enjoyed as often as you like. Simply add milk (either cow’s milk or nut-based milk), with a scoop of protein powder to a blender. Add a pinch of vanilla extract and sweetener, as well as cinnamon and nutmeg, to enhance the flavour.


Basic eggnog

Add six raw eggs to a blender with a couple of tablespoons of cream. If you want to sweeten the recipe, add a little sugar or maple syrup, followed by vanilla extract. Include some milk to the mixture. To increase your vitamin intake, consider adding some fruit, such as a banana or a handful of blueberries. Blend together, and add a cream or supplement powder for an extra nutritional hit. This makes two portions, so you can keep some for later on.


Boozy eggnog

The traditional eggnog recipe includes a bit of ‘sauce’ in it, so get the whisky, brandy or rum at the ready. This recipe also cooks the eggs, should you feel uneasy about using raw ones. Whisk four egg whites with some sugar. Add milk, cloves and cinnamon to a pan and gently heat. Slowly add the egg mixture to the saucepan, and stir. Don’t allow it to boil. Remove from the heat and add some cream. Discard the cloves. Allow the ingredients to cool slightly before mixing in some vanilla extract, nutmeg and your chosen tipple.


Eggnog twist

For an alternative to the traditional eggnog recipe, but still getting the protein punch you crave, this recipe omits cinnamon and nutmeg and replaces these with cooked oats and pistachio butter, instead. In fact, any kind of nut butter will suffice. As well as being rich in protein, this eggnog shake is high in healthy fats and fibre.

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