Dwayne Johnson: Train Like Me

Dwayne Johnson, better known as the ‘Rock’, is an American film star, TV producer, ex-professional wrestler and keep-fit guru. With a punishing daily workout routine and a carefully planned diet, Dwayne has achieved impressive body goals, making him a huge inspiration to others. Maintaining tip-top fitness also enables Dwayne to tackle physically demanding film roles without needing a stuntman.

Dwayne Johnson

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For the Rock, most days begin with cardio training, usually in the form of an energetic run around his Florida neighbourhood. This invigorates him and sets him up for the day, which then involves hitting the gym. With the mantras ‘together we conquer’ and ‘train to progress’, Dwayne regards keeping fit as a metaphor for life.

Dwayne has his own way of doing things when it comes to training, and in order to put mass onto his beefy 6-foot 5-inches frame, he works out six mornings per week at a private gym. For the Rock, it’s all about lifting heavy weights regularly, where he trains different body parts separately, including triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest and legs. Dwayne’s routines focus on machines, cables, barbells and dumbbells.

When working the legs, Dwayne includes the leg press, barbell squat and hack squat into his routines.

Training Dwayne’s back involves the barbell deadlift, bent over barbell row and dumbbell shrug.

Dwayne’s shoulders are given a pummelling with the standing military press, side lateral raise and reverse machine flyes.

When it comes to the arms and abs, Dwayne incorporates the spider curl, hammer curl and triceps pushdown into his workouts.

Dwayne gains his impressive chest muscles, thanks to the incline dumbbell press, barbell bench press and chest dips.


Changing routines

Dwayne follows a strict workout regime, typically involving four sets of 12 reps, with a rest period of 60-90 seconds. However, his training schedules aren’t set in stone, and he’ll often vary his workouts according to any filming commitments he might have.

If Dwayne is filming for a part involving lots of stunts, he switches his workouts up a gear to cope with the impending physical pressure. For his role in the film San Andreas, Dwayne adjusted his workout and diet schedules to cope with the physical demands of the role. In particular, core strength was essential, so he turned his attention to working out with ropes and water-based and bodyweight exercises.


Strict diet

Dwayne appreciates that in order to maintain his physical fitness goals, he needs to follow a strict diet. Everything that Dwayne consumes is planned and carefully organised, with portions measured, so he can obtain the maximum body-enhancing benefits from food.

Typically, Dwayne eats five meals a day. Breakfasts usually consist of oatmeal and meat, but other dietary staples include egg whites, steak, fish, rice, chicken, salad, green veg, baked potato and onions. To aid muscle growth, Dwayne also adds casein protein to his diet.

Just as Dwayne will vary his workouts according to his filming roles, he’ll also tweak his diet based on the needs of his acting commitments. For instance, when he was filming for Hercules, he switched his diet up to seven protein-rich meals per day.


Success and inspiration

Dwayne’s dedication and commitment to his acting career and his fitness goals have earned him massive success and an army of inspired fans all over the world. Named as the highest earning actor in 2016, Dwayne has also gained the accolade as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. A 2015 poll also ranked him as the Man of the Century.

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