Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Steroids

Steroids offer an effective way to gain the results for your body that you have always wanted but the lack of proper education can lead to product ineffectiveness that can even harm your body.

So, if you’re making any of these mistakes, it is best to stop taking steroids immediately.

Excessive Dose

An extra dose is not always the best decision. In fact, it could possibly turn into many regretful side effects.

The excessive intake of steroids for men could lead to a severe case of acne and breast development. For women, it could cause a decrease in breast size, voice deepening and masculinisation.

Steroid abuse may also lead to life threatening diseases such as:

  • Endocarditis (fatal inflammation of the heart’s inner lining)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (e.g. heart attack and stroke)
  • Liver tumours

The Right Amount

You might get caught up in the results that you are achieving but you should consciously stop yourself when you have had enough.

A maximum of 50mg per day in 8 to 12 week cycle (with off period) is the usual and recommended consumption that is considered safe.

Improper Training

During your cycle, it is important to make your workout as extreme as possible. Instead of lifting the usual weights, you should aim for the maximum weight you can manage.

Many users think that taking steroids while maintaining the same workout tension can deliver the desired results – wrong! An intensive workout is a must to maximise the effect of steroids.

How to Intensify your Workout

You should utilise the massive amount of strength given by the steroids and make your workout as intense as possible by:

  • Reducing the resting time between sets
  • Adding more sets and reps
  • Doing supersets and giant sets

Counterfeit Steroids

Counterfeit or fake steroids do not provide any positive gains – they can even cause more harm than good.

There are many counterfeit or fake steroids on the market, possibly even more than you think. You should double check before you take them.

Tips to Identifying Fake Steroids

Company check

Research your source. Sometimes, it is better to buy steroids online as you can easily browse their website and location to check if their products are legitimate.

Check the packaging

Legitimate products are properly sealed. Counterfeit products sometimes use handheld sealing equipment. For vials, easily turning the top and stopper with a little pressure can be an indication.

Improper Diet

A proper diet is essential when bulking up. With or without steroids, eating healthily and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is really important.

When on steroids, it is ideal to consume 4000 to 7000 calories per day. Diet should not be limited to fatty foods it should also include high calories and protein.

Everybody wants to achieve their preferred results as fast as they can. Bulking up with the help of steroids can become much more effective if you take heed of these warnings.

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