Cardio vs. Weights: Which is More Effective for Fat Loss?

So, to lose those extra pounds, should you be concentrating on cardio exercises or weight training? While both approaches are an efficient way to keep in shape, they both have a different overall effect on the body.

cardio vs weights


  Cardio Exercise Weight Training
Definition Increases your heart and respiratory rate which improves heart, lung and circulatory performance Uses gravitational force to build muscle strength through utilising different weighted bars
Advantages Your heart gets strongerIncreases your ability to sustain high-intensity cardio exercises

Boosts your metabolism alongside high-intensity cardio exercise

Strengthens your whole bodyPromotes fat-free body mass with reduced sarcopenia
Disadvantages Slow progress – losing fat might take some timeJoints and ligaments are susceptible to wear and tear due to friction

Too much cardio can cause cellular damage

Safety – newbies in weight training can be prone to injuries due to incorrect handling techniquesLack of control when lifting weights can pull or tear a muscle in your body
Exercises / Activities RunningSwimming


Free weights (e.g. dumbbells and barbells)Squats

Push ups


The Takeaway

With both types of exercise explained, I suppose it really all boils down to the method you find more comfortable with. If you want your fat loss journey to be more measurable with scale, go for cardio. If you prefer shredding fats while toning your body and building muscle, then go for weight training.

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