Bodybuilding Tips for Women

The world of bodybuilding is chocker full of men, so it’s really no surprise that most of the bodybuilding articles online are geared towards the male population – but what about the girls? Women are relentlessly underrepresented in sports, especially in bodybuilding but that’s not to say they’re not as tough and as strong as their male counterparts.

Women’s bodybuilding is a sensitive issue that it is prone to snide comments and raised eyebrows; a lot of people think it will make woman look more male than female. That is why some ladies want to dive into the sport but are afraid to do so.

Women can become bodybuilders without risking their femininity and womanly appeal.

Here are some tips:

Balanced Diet

Ladies, do not starve yourselves! Yes, you might think that the only way to lose weight and gain mass is to cut down your food intake but this is simply untrue (and counterproductive as well). Just as your car needs fuel to work, you need food to keep going and to keep pushing yourself. The only food you need say goodbye to is processed and fried. Remember that you will need protein to repair those tired muscles, healthy fats to satisfy your hunger and carbohydrates to give you that boost for your next training session.

Nothing beats preparation! Create meal plans ahead for the whole week so that you don’t have to waste time every day trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Keep in mind the importance of a balanced diet. As Ashley Toms – a female bodybuilding competitor – once said: “Ninety percent of success comes from the diet; it’s the No. 1 thing that separates a top figure competitor from the rest. But it’s usually the hardest part for a first timer. If you lack discipline, this is not the sport for you.”

Rigorous Training

Some might advise women to train like men but there are differences between our bodies that we have to understand. According to studies, women burn more fat, less carbohydrates and less protein than men at the same training session intensity – they also rely on glycogen less than men. This is all thanks to the differences in their nervous and hormonal systems, including oestrogen.

A study by S.K. Hunter in 2014 summarises the reasons why women don’t need as much rest as men. According to the study, women have the ability to train with greater frequency because they have better nutrient delivery to their muscles. This protects their muscles from serious damage and repairs them at a much faster rate.

Ladies, find the perfect workout for you and your body type! Both your diet and your training should be balanced. Also, remember that women have more estrogen than men and this can lead to quicker fat gain. Do as much cardio as you can as this will help increase your heart rate and burn off the fat but remember not to rely on cardio alone! Add resistance training to you fitness regimen as well.

Make your workouts as fun and diverse as you can to avoid boredom and burnout; a little bit of variety never hurt anyone!

The Importance of Rest

The golden rule of bodybuilding is to listen to your body. Often, people think that they grow only when they lift but the truth is growth happens while you are resting. Take your recovery sessions seriously as they will repair your damaged muscles from previous training sessions, while saving you from future injuries as well.

Your muscle tissues build while you are sleeping, so make sure you have enough sleep at night – not too little and not too much. Rest days or days when you do not undergo training are important too. Follow your schedule and try to avoid doing weight training consecutively – this will allow your muscles to heal.

If you want to keep active during your rest days engage in cardiovascular exercises such as cycling, swimming and running. These activities will help to increase your stamina and also lower the risks of cancer.

The Best Steroids

Many people find it strange to equate women with steroids as potentially they could destroy a woman’s femininity. While this may be true, women can enjoy the benefits of performance enhancing drugs but with extra caution.

As steroids are derived from the primary male sex hormone testosterone, there are only a few anabolic steroids that women can supplement safely to avoid virilisation – virilisation or masculinisation is when a female obtains secondary male sexual characteristics. Some of the most common effects are deepening of vocal chords, body-hair growth and clitoral enlargement.

Know which hormones to take and which to avoid. It pays to do your research beforehand.

Here are three of the best steroids for women:

  1. Anavar – or Oxandrolone. Anavar is the ideal steroid for women as it carries the lowest risk of virilisation of any anabolic steroid. Women can tolerate as much as 10mg a day of Anavar and some might even go up to 20 mg. Fair warning though, the higher the dose the greater the risk of virilisation. An Anavar cycle is recommended to go six to eight weeks.
  1. Primobolan – women can tolerate 100mg a week of this steroid for a maximum of six weeks. Be extra cautious with this though as it is an oral steroid that may damage the liver if taken improperly.
  2. Winstrol or Stanozolol – this might work for some women and some might find it too much. The recommended dose is 10mg every other day.
  3. Equipoise and Testosterone – these are ideal in extremely low doses – great for women who are naturally testosterone deficient.

Remember, listen to your body! If you are noticing signs of virilisation, lower your dose or try a different steroid.

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Ladies, don’t be afraid! When you employ our fitness regimen tips – we assure you – you’ll have that body you so desire in not time.

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