Bodybuilding for Women: How to Get Started

As a woman who hopes to get into bodybuilding, take note that you must commit to an initial three-month period of dedicated work, effort and discipline – combined with the efficient planning and tracking of your progress.

All it takes is a good start to ensure you are building your way to a better and stronger version of yourself:


Hit the Weights’ Room

Start your bodybuilding journey by hitting the weights’ room for a session with your barbells for two to three days a week – ideally Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at one hour per session. Warm up by lifting light weights, then focus on the powerlifts to build muscle while burning fat in the process.

Get that Cardio Activity Done

Go hard on working your favourite cardio – whether it’s spinning, outdoor biking, running, hill sprints or swimming. You can also combine your cardio workouts for best results – such as a hill sprint for 30 seconds, walking or jogging back down the slope for 90 seconds and repeating four times for an intense 10-minute training session.

Say Goodbye to your Bad Eating Habits

Pair your workouts with good eating habits and you’re sure to enjoy noticeable results. Say goodbye to fatty, processed and fried foods and say hello to five to six small meals each day! Meals should include lean protein to repair muscles; carbs to fuel your workouts; and healthy fats to satisfy your hunger.

What Beginners Should Eat

Ideally, a healthy diet will include tuna and whole grains. For your mini meals, you can try:

  • Oats and cooked egg whites
  • Sweet potato and tuna
  • Brown rice
  • Chicken and greens
  • Tilapia
  • Quarter of avocado
  • Whey protein shakes
  • Handful of nuts

Get Enough Rest

More often than not, beginners tend to push themselves to the limit to try and achieve immediate results – which is not a wise approach. Getting enough rest is just as important as the bodybuilding itself. Rest should be prioritised to help you regain your energy so that you can work harder towards your fitness goal.

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