Best Butt-busting Exercises

Many people rate their backside as their least favourite part of their body. So, if you’re trying to get your booty into shape, here are some exercises that may help.

Bridge exercise

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Great for toning the posterior, legs and back, squats are quick and easy to master, and really get the backside muscles into gear. Begin by placing your feet forward, separated by a space equivalent to the width of your shoulders. Stretch your hands out in front of you. Lower yourself down as you bend your knees, as if going into a sitting position. Lower your body as far as is comfortably possible, and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.


Bridge exercise

With the bridge pose, you need to lie down with your knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Arms should be placed at your side. Lift your hips off the floor, keeping thighs and knees parallel. Tighten your buttocks as you hold the pose for five seconds, and then release and return to the original position. Repeat 10 times. Not only does this exercise firm the backside, but it’s great for working the muscles in the lower back.


Single leg kickback

You’ll soon feel a stretch in the bum with this exercise, so repeat it regularly to hone your posterior muscles. Start with your hands and knees on the floor in front of you. The hands should rest under your shoulders and the knees below your hips. Take your right leg and bend it outwards behind you as far as possible, squeezing your butt muscles at the same time. Return your leg to the starting position and repeat the lifting movement for the left leg. Repeat the action for both legs around 10 times.


Side walking lunge

To start this exercise stand by some stairs, with the left side of your body facing the stairs. Using your left foot, step on to the second or third stair. Bend your left knee as you make a side lunge. Bring your body up and straighten your left leg, raising your right foot up against your left one. Repeat this 10 times before alternating to the right side. The side walking lunge is helpful for slimming down a podgy posterior, but it’s also great for giving the lower body a workout, in particular, the hamstrings, quads and the calf muscles.


Hip lift

For this butt-busting exercise, you need to sit on your knees, with your legs together. Your backside should rest on your heels. With your bottom muscles engaged, lift your backside to a position where you’re kneeling. Lower yourself slowly back to the starting position, keeping your bottom muscles engaged. Repeat 10 times.


Side skaters

Not only will your posterior feel the benefit from this exercise, but the arm and leg movements ensure both your upper and lower body will make gains. Stand straight with your feet together. Push your hips backwards, as you crouch down, keeping your abs engaged and your back straight. Jump to the right side as far as possible, landing on your right foot. Next, using your posterior muscles to push you, jump to the left side as far as you possibly can, landing softly on the ground with your left foot. Repeat this movement from one side to the other approximately 10 times.

Regular practice of these exercises should help to firm your backside, but if progress stalls, switch to other exercises to mix things up, or increase the number of repetitions.

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