Benefits of massages

Having a massage is often associated with relaxation and pampering, but this healing therapy can also have its uses following intense workouts. Here are some of the benefits exercisers can gain from a massage.

Speed up recovery

Muscles need time to repair after intense workout sessions, and a massage can greatly assist with this. Sore, tight or aching muscles can be worked on to make them more flexible, reducing pressure and tension, and increasing mobility to the affected area.

If any tissue damage has occurred, a deep tissue massage can help to make pores more fluid so that nutrients can pass through cells, and toxic or waste products, such as lactic acid that builds up during exercise, can be eliminated from the body.

Injury prevention

Many people assume massage is used to help heal injuries, but it can also be used to help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. By manipulating certain pressure or trigger points in the body, as well as combating tightness in muscles, a massage therapist can isolate and treat those areas most vulnerable to injury.

Pain reduction

Although many people consider muscular aches and pains to be part and parcel of exercising, it usually means you’ve overdone it. When pain strikes, it can disrupt your training sessions, but a soft tissue massage can lessen the discomfort and muscle spasms, reducing the length of your time-out from the gym. Massage also helps to release the feel-good chemicals, endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

Improved sleep

Studies have proven that having a massage can greatly influence the quality and quantity of your sleep, no doubt because it relaxes your mind and body and removes tension and stress. Anyone who exercises will know the importance of getting enough shuteye; not only will adequate sleep allow your body to recover – boosting muscle growth – but it will also leave you feeling more energised the next day, so you can perform to the best of your abilities down the gym.

Better circulation

A massage can help to increase blood circulation in the body, which can, in turn, improve your muscle tone. This is because damaged or sore muscle tissue often has poor blood flow, which can negatively impact on muscle tone. Lymphatic drainage massage is especially effective at pummelling the lymph nodes to allow fluid to pass through blood vessels and improve circulation.

Improve your state of mind

A massage does wonders for the body, but it can help the mind, too. The relaxing effects of a massage can allow you to wind down and banish stress levels, making you feel more confident, energised and relaxed before your next training session. This positive state of mind impact may even help to enhance your performance.

Massage can certainly help in your quest to get fit and stay fit, especially with regards to assisting in your recovery post-exercise. You may also find the huge range of authentic steroid products available from Worldwide Anabolics is useful in your wider endeavours to improve your muscular physique.

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