Benefits of battle ropes

Legendary strongman John Brookfield first introduced the concept of using ropes to build strength and endurance. As other fitness gurus cottoned on to its appeal, this trend has quickly taken hold. Many gyms now offer battle ropes training, which is essentially moving ropes in different directions to improve your fitness. If you like the idea of trying battle ropes, here are just some of the many benefits this exercise has to offer.


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It’s fun

If you’re tired of your usual workout routine and want to try something a bit more exciting, battle ropes make a great choice. Fans of this exercise claim that it’s more like a game than an exercise, but your body still gets to reap the rewards. Because there are so many different ways that you can use the ropes, this also means you’re unlikely to ever get bored.


All-body workout

Battle ropes can be moved in different directions or motions, such as slams, waves or whips. The versatility of this exercise means that you get to train all the muscles in the body. By holding the ropes and moving them, naturally, your arms, shoulders and upper body get a workout, but if you add squats, lunges and jumps into your repertoire, your leg muscles also get a pummelling.

Another advantage of swinging ropes around is that the force produced by the ropes reaches the entire body, allowing you to target seldom-used or weaker muscles. This can strengthen muscles, even helping to reduce the risk of injury.


Cardio training

It’s not just your muscles that benefit from battle ropes training, your cardiovascular health gains, too. Battle ropes are quite heavy, so once you start moving them around, you’ll soon notice your heart rate rising. In fact, this form of fitness also scores highly as it’s low impact compared to other kinds of cardio exercises.


Calorie burner

If you’re looking to get in shape and lose a few extra pounds, battle ropes are a worthy consideration. Researchers have found that just 10 minutes of moving heavy ropes can burn 112 calories.


Improve balance and stability

With this exercise, you need to hold a rope in each hand and move them in waves or other motions. At first, you might notice that one side of your body seems more coordinated than the other. But, with repeated training using the ropes, this should even out so both sides of the body feel the same. This can improve body stability, co-ordination and balance.


HIIT training

Battle ropes are the ideal form of high-intensity interval training, allowing you to alter the resistance to either increase or reduce the intensity of your workout. You can do this by choosing where to stand in relation to the anchor point of the rope. If you position yourself near the rope’s anchor point, the rope has more slack, increasing the resistance, while stepping further away from the anchor point reduces the intensity. Experts reckon that you should alternate a minute of standing close to the point followed by a minute moving away to gain the most effective HIIT benefits.


Good for the brain

It’s not just the body that stands to benefit from battle ropes, the brain gets a look-in, too. When you use alternate wave motions to move the ropes in each hand, your brain needs to concentrate to ensure your movements stay co-ordinated. This challenge can help to sharpen your brain, but focusing on the task in hand also means that this mindful exercise allows you to switch off from every day worries.

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