Be Competition Ready: Tips to Improve your Deadlift!

Nothing beats the feeling of lifting that heavy barbell in front of ‘mirers and spectators!

Do Not Dead Squat

Don’t ever follow the ‘experts’ or ‘brofessors’ who say that deadlifts are just like squats with the barbell in your hands. For the sake of comparison, the squats show a more direct relationship between the hip and knee angles. The squat has a more synergistic and simultaneous movement.

Deadlifts have three distinct phases: the dominant joint action at the knees during lift off; the hips with the barbell at knee height; and the knees and hips during lockout.

Hip Hinge

During a deadlift, it is important to remember to push the hips back. To master the hip hinge, set up right against the bar and push the hips and hamstrings back as if you are going to be hit from behind.

Apply the hip hinge and you’re guaranteed to have the optimal setup for a successful deadlift.

More Setup Cues

Keep your chest tall, engage the lats and grip onto the bar until your knuckles turn white. This setup will prevent you from spinal flexion or rounding your back, which causes compressive and shear loading on the spine – the perfect recipe for career-ending injuries.

Religiously follow these setup cues to assure the proper form and safe execution, even with heavier loads as you progress.

Go Barefoot!

For training purposes and overall performance improvement, feeling the ground directly beneath your feet can make a HUGE difference! The bar won’t travel as far if you don’t have a two-inch ‘hindrance’ between you and the floor.

Lifting shoeless allows you to sit back on your heels, driving more power from your hamstrings and glutes! You can increase your deadlift by 10-20 pounds simply by going barefoot!

Power in (Fewer) Numbers

When looking to get stronger on the ‘deads,’ work only on the 1-5 rep range. This will allow you to brush up on your form and technique. This rep range scheme will also help you to use heavier loads over time.

More Pointers Maybe?

No, you don’t really need any more pointers such as deadlift rituals, more deadlifts and other warm up tricks.

Take heed that you will not become insanely stronger on the deadlift overnight or even in a week. Be satisfied with your small PRs and let them boost your confidence and motivation.

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