Anatomy of Perfect Squat Execution

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Are you shying away from the squat racks because of your fear of pain and potential injuries? Do you have difficulty with the mighty squats? Well the days of ‘chicken legs’ and ‘twigs-for-legs’ are finally over!


Don’t just position yourself under the bar if you want to perform squats. You must first equip yourself with a repeatable plan so that you may execute them well and avoid injuries.


When you are under the bar, place it in the proper position on your back. Align the weight to your mid-foot, as this will become your centre of gravity. Once set up, un rack the weight and walk out slowly until you settle your feet evenly.

Remember to hold a stance as though you were going to do a standing jump – your knees and toes should not be pointed too far out, nor should they be too caved in.


The amount of air you take in should be similar to when you go for a long, deep dive in the water. Breathing in deeply and holding your breath will brace your abdominal wall and maintain your spine’s neutrality throughout the movement.

Hip Drive

Recruit the biggest and strongest muscle groups on your body by bracing your core, engaging your glutes and driving your hips back on the execution. Simply drive your hips forward instead of standing up and you will see how you can come back up naturally from the lift.


Drive your knees in the same direction that your toes are pointed to and do not allow them to cave in or shoot forward. Retain the trust in your knees to avoid wobbles which may cause serious injuries.

Back Angles

You don’t actually have to stay absolutely upright during squats; just remember to maintain spine neutrality. You can achieve this by keeping your back straight even in a leaned forward position.


There is no certain fixed point your glutes should reach during squats. The proper depth can be achieved when you squat as deeply as possible, with your glutes almost touching the ground.

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