5 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed by Fake Online Steroid Dealers

Buying steroids online could be risky, especially for first timers; a lot of people get ripped off by fake steroid dealers.

To avoid falling victim to scammers, more profound research is the key. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider before buying steroids online.

1. Double Check your Source

The first rule of thumb when buying steroids on the Internet – before purchasing, ensure that your source is credible and legit. There are far more scammers on the Internet than you think; websites may look real, so be extra cautious.

To make sure that your dealer is a trusted source, these are the things you can do:

a) Analyse the website

Carefully go through the features of the site. Usually, websites that don’t have a shopping cart feature are phony.

You should also avoid websites that require you to pay through wire transfers. Legitimate online steroid dealers will usually ask you to pay with a credit card. You could also check if there are any reviews for a particular website.

b) Look Out for any Fancy Moves

A legit website will not offer you discounted or “steal price” products because good quality steroids are usually pricey. These fancy tactics are intended to lure you into buying steroids online.

Find a supplier that provides a strong special discount and do not go for cheap and bogus goods.

2. Know your Gear

Whether it’s your first time buying steroids online or your first time buying steroids at all, make sure you know the important information regarding the product itself.

Buyers often get scammed not just because they pick the wrong dealer; unfortunately, another significant factor is ignorance.

Here are some things you should consider:

a.) The actual appearance of the product

With the advancement of technology, steroids (especially the oral ones) can now be modified. Make sure you are familiar with the look of a steroid and compare it to any you might be thinking of purchasing.

b.) Possible side effects

Providing they are used correctly, steroids will not harm you or cause any health problems. That said it is still important that you are familiar with the possible side effects of each drug.

3. Get Referrals

One of the most effective ways of finding a reliable online source is through referrals from a trusted friend. There is no shortcut to verifying a source but by asking someone who has already experienced a particular website you will know if it’s the real deal; the authenticity of the online source will have been established.

4. Compare Prices

Good quality steroids don’t come cheap but as much as possible we all want a low-cost transaction.

Although the cost of steroids may vary depending on types or brands, it is important to know the average steroid price so that you can compare it with different online stores.

Generally, one cycle (including a PCT drugs stack) can cost from £280 to £600. Be suspicious if the price is much cheaper. You should also carefully plan your budget before purchasing anything.

5. Order in Small Quantities

You would be wise to place a minimal order at first. You can also ask for a sample which might be free of charge.

This is a good way to see whether the product will work well for you but more importantly, it can help you to determine whether the online dealer is legitimate.

Learning from other people’s mistakes is priceless! Make sure you do your homework before purchasing steroids online.

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