5 Exercises for a V-Taper Body

Perhaps what many bodybuilders long to achieve, having a V-Taper body or wide shoulders and a slim tight waist means being in good shape. To achieve this, a bodybuilder should train different parts of his body to sculpt his shoulders and hips in proportion, while also building muscles.

Here are some workout techniques that will help you on your way to that V-Taper body!

v taper exercises

Barbell Shoulder Press

When aiming for a V-Taper body, it’s vital to develop your deltoid muscles through a barbell shoulder press. Sit on a bench with a squat rack and grip a barbell with your palms facing forward. Position the barbell to your shoulder level and inhale. With straight arms, lift the barbell above your head and exhale. Return to the original position and repeat.

Pull Ups

Pull ups are a great exercise for developing the width of your back. First, hang on a pull up bar with your arms upright – your palms should be facing forward, while your hands must be shoulder-width apart. When you’re ready, pull your chest towards the bar and hold. You can use weights for more intensified results.

Lat Pulldown

Before this exercise, make sure the lat pull down machine’s knee pads fit – to prevent you from rising out of the seat due to the bar’s resistance. When you’re set, grab the bar with an overhand grip and keep your hands apart with a distance wider than shoulder-width. Pull the bar down, inhale and don’t let your back arch. Lean your body slightly and exhale as you lift the bar up.

Lat Raises

From a standing position, hold a dumbbell in both hands and place them at your sides. When you’re ready, keep your arms straight and raise the dumbbells simultaneously until they’re shoulder level.

Rack Pull

A type of deadlift, this exercise is performed using a squat rack. Place a barbell within knee level of the rack, then stand with slightly bent knees. Grab the bar with an overhand grip and lift, positioning it in front of your legs. Stand straight and hold.

Get ready to flaunt your V-Taper body with the help of these workout techniques that can be maintained by buying Anabolic steroids now from Worldwide Anabolics! Watch as the results get better every day!

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