2018’s Latest Fitness Trends

If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you want to get fit, knowing the latest fitness trends can assist with this aim. Here are some of the exercise activities that are making waves this year:

Group training

Solo exercising is out, while training as a group is in. If you want to get fit this year, look for a fitness class that lets you work out with like-minded buddies. Although group training is nothing new, there is now a much wider range of options to choose from compared to yesteryear – think boot camps, boxercising and spin classes, for example.

Group Training

Personal training

Despite the rise of fitness classes, when we do decide to go solo, more of us are making use of personal trainers to tailor exercise regimes geared towards our unique goals, lifestyle needs and body shape. A personal trainer is certainly a good choice if you’re new to a specific exercise, as a trainer will show you how to get the techniques correct. This helps to prevent injuries and ensures you get the most benefits from the activity.

Classes aimed at older adults

With an ageing population, older people are no longer content to just sit around and watch their days tick by. There are increasing numbers of exercise classes now on offer tailored towards older adults. Many of these focus on supporting joint health, improving mobility and controlling weight. In fact, head down the gym and you’ll find a large proportion of the clientele are now in their advancing years.


Versaclimbers are pretty new to the scene, but they’re steadily attracting attention, and this year their popularity is set to soar. Versaclimbers are essentially static climbing walls that offer a full-body, low-impact cardio training. Group training classes are popping up in the best gyms, so keep your eyes peeled for one near you.

On-demand workouts

Technology is increasingly crossing over into the fitness arena, and this year will see more of us embrace it in our routines. As well as wearable tech, we’ll be steering towards workout sessions that include built-in technology. Think on-demand fitness websites or live-streaming classes, for instance. The beauty of these is that you have the flexibility to train when it suits you, without leaving your home.


Traditional methods of meeting a new partner are being replaced by speed dating and apps, but a new kid on the block now lets you get to know someone by taking part in a dating style fitness class. Known as date-ercise, classes are increasingly being launched that let people workout together as a pair, while getting to know each other. If cupid’s arrow strikes lucky, you can then enjoy a healthy cocktail together after a training session.

Whether you stick to tried-and-trusted exercise regimes or you fancy branching out and sampling something new this year, there are certainly plenty of varied ways to keep fit. To add another element to your fitness regime, why not consider the wide range of steroid products available from Worldwide Anabolics?

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